150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary

B'nai Jehudah Celebrates 150!

We are very excited to begin our congregation’s sesquicentennial year. From modest beginnings in 1870, we have 150 years of rich history to celebrate.

A dedicated committee of Temple members has been planning this special birthday for the past year. Committee members include Jennifer Green Baer, Suzi Blackman, Amy Bryant, Jocelyn Fry, Roz and Fred Goodman, Amanda Morgan King, Betty and Rick Klein, Chuck Luchen, Jane Blumenthal Martin, Shannon Maker, Vicky Mayer, Michelle and Bruce Reisman, Roseanne Rosen, Jennie and Dan Stolper, Donna and Harvey Thalblum, and Barbara and John Waldron.

Our original plans have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. With our building closed for the foreseeable future, our kick-off event on October 2, the date we were founded, was virtual. We thank the many of you who joined us for the event, and who took the time to make a tribute video to share your memories and good wishes. (We will begin adding tribute videos to our 150th Tributes page as we release each video.)

We look forward to later in 2021 when we hopefully can celebrate together in our beautifully renovated building. Our plans include a video documenting our history, placing a time capsule that will involve our children and adults, and a gala birthday party. Stay tuned for other events throughout the year.

Finally, we are pleased to share a bit of history with you throughout the year in Our History blog. The historic moments come from B’nai Jehudah’s long-time Executive Director, Frank Adler z”l, who wrote a comprehensive congregational history for our centennial in 1970. His book, Roots In A Moving Stream has been recognized as one of the finest congregational histories ever published. We are adapting content from Roots and other sources for our A Moment in our History series that we will share in our blog. We hope you enjoy these brief glimpses into our past.

Our founding members fought for both sides in the Civil War. Five years after the war ended, they put their differences aside and came together to create a congregation that is continually evolving, remains relevant, and still is a leading institution in our community. We are optimistic about the future and look forward to celebrating this milestone in our story together with you.

 Happy New Year,

 Jennie and Dan Stolper 
150th Committee Chairs