What is a Havurah?

The word “Havurah” comes from the Hebrew word “Haver,” meaning friend. A Havurah is a small group of B’nai Jehudah members who join together to enrich their lives and to reinforce the spirit of Judaism in themselves and their children. Each Havurah becomes a small community of congregants who meet together to socialize and celebrate Jewish life together. The Havurah provides an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. There are a number of Havurot that have already formed in the congregation including young families, interfaith families, empty nesters, families with special needs, seniors, social justice seekers and we are looking to create even more!

What does a Havurah do?

It’s up to you! Your Havurah can enjoy a pot-luck Shabbat dinner together, study together, do a social action project, build a sukkah together, plan a seder, provide meals to one another when there is a need, or have fun together with other Jewish families… the ideas are endless. Each Havurah determines its own activities. Some of our Havurot have been meeting for more than 20 years; others are being formed annually. A Havurah can provide a caring and supportive community that is there to celebrate each other’s joys and comfort each other during difficult times. The relationships built can grow for years.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in joining a Havurah, please fill out the application and submit to Rabbi Josh Leighton.